What we do for you
Chinese products like toys, household items, computers, smartphones etc. have high market shares in Europe, sometimes more than 90%. But chinese building materials and lots of raw materials like stainless steel tubes, aluminium profiles, PMMA sheets, insulation materials etc. do only got little or no access to the huge european market. Same with high end tools like Laser welder or Laser cutting machines. We help to bring those chinese products from the factory in China to the volume buyers in Europe. Our well trained personal visit companies in far east and check quality carefully to ensure reliable imports for long term business. We always buy and sell on our own account. We build up big stocks to be able to deliver immediately. As we import to the EU, we stand for all product risks and for any guaranty issues at the buyers side. We can offer a wide range of products including raw materials and tools. Besides that, we also offer own products built exactly from those raw materials we offer. We can handle highest volumes and buyers are free to ask for custom products. We can guarantee fair pricing and reliable quality, together with fast delivery.